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FRDM K64F board hangs after 2 days when connected to network

Question asked by Rahul PS on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by Rahul PS

Hi All,


          We are working on KSDK example demo project lwip-tcpecho demo.

Added our own additional threads for tcp ip communication for ports 4442(web application) and 80(web server).

Our implementations are depending more on heap memory rather than stack( Ensured proper freeing and deallocation after heap use).


Our problem is that when the board is connected to ethernet continuously it got hangs after 1, 2 days. Then we need to restart again .   It makes our product application a unusable one.

We tried out different cases for debugging the issue.

-We tried by stopping all other threads except web application but the problem exist.

-Ensured that different MAC ids are assigned for different boards.

-When disconnecting from ethernet, this problem is not seen.


We are suspecting the issue is with the lwip tcp ip stack porting. Not sure about this.


Can anybody suggest a better and needed solution for this.



Now we have got the assert while hanging   "pbuf_free: p->re..."