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K64 Bootloader, CAN DeInit

Question asked by wf wf on Mar 15, 2016
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I'm having a problem in creating a CAN bootloader on a K64F 1M 120MHz platform. Both the BootL and the Target Application should use the CAN BUS but as I initalize the peripheral unit in different ways, the final result is that in the Target Appl the CAN is not well initialized.

For instance, using the ProcExpert to create the BootL I have different vector table addresses and I don't have interrupts, while in the main application I use them.



The problem arises when I try to "DeInit" the CAN peripheral at the end of the BootL, just before jumping to the code. Since in the Target Appl the CANBUS doesn't work, I suppose the device hasn't correctly closed,

any help/hint??



thank you!