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Question asked by MyungJin Hwang on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by bpe

Dear NXP team.


I have some question how to control CAAM H/W.


I have ls1021A-IOT board and i.mx6qsabreauto.


LS1021A-IOT board boot and CAAM work well with non-secure mode .


And i.mx6qsabreauto board boot with secure mode.  So i changed linux kernel to boot with non-secure mode.


of course, modified the CSU_CSL17(CAAM) register to 0x00ff00ff so that CAAM can be accessible in both non-secure and secure worlds.


But CAAM is not working and I can not see value of caam register in non-secure mode . all of them(caam register values) are 0.


I really don't know why and what i should modify...


I could see ls1021x_config_caam_stream_id() code in u-boot code of ls1021a-iot.



     1. I also need to add kinds of ls1021x_config_caam_stream_id() for i.mx6qsabreauto?

     2. could you explain about ls1021x_config_caam_stream_id()?


Have a great day.

MyungJin Hwang