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Change the ov5640 register values from runtime

Question asked by Giritharan R on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi ,

     I am very new to this.Hope i will get some  useful solution for my problem.


I am using,

     IMX6 DL and OV5640 camera sensor.

I am livestreaming two cameras together i.e (parallel and mipi) .For that i wrote gstreamer  C application.Everything works fine.Two cameras(Front and Back ) are streaming parallel..

But now i am using IR LED for one camera1(parallel interface).So for that while streaming in night time i get pinkish issue because of IR led.


So for that i need to stream that camera1 video in black and white.I can change the video Black n White by manually changing some register values in ov5640.c file.


By problem is based in light sensor i want to change the video in both black n white and normal colour.

So how can i do that one?


How to change the ov5640 registers at runtime from user space C application?


please help me to find some good solution?


Thanks in Advance!


With Regards,