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modify media_profiles.xml

Question asked by IS Park on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by IS Park


i.mx6 Android 4.4.2 1.0.0~rc3

Kernel 3.0.35

Board: solid-run cubox-i som i1.


I uses i.mx6 with UVC camera and current configuration is like below.

V/CAM_VideoModule( 3280): mDesiredPreviewWidth=640. mDesiredPreviewHeight=480

I/FslCameraHAL( 2299): Width * Height 640 x 480 format 0x56595559, fps: 30


Now I wanna change resolution to below.

I/FslCameraHAL( 2299): SupportedPictureSizes: 1280 x 720


Android builder echos below process for default configuration.

target Prebuilt: media_profiles.xml (out/target/product/cuboxi/obj/ETC/media_profiles.xml_intermediates/media_profiles.xml)

Install: out/target/product/cuboxi/system/etc/media_profiles.xml


I want to change out/target/product/cuboxi/system/etc/media_profiles.xml

Where should I modify original media_profiles.xml?