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KDS and KL26Z

Question asked by John Brown on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by John Brown

As a newcomer to the Kinetis world, trying to use the KL26Z, I'm finding things a bit confusing. It seems that KSDK 2.0 is now available for this processor, although it wasn't when my FRDM PCB was first delivered. I have also read somewhere that "Processor Expert" has been discontinued. I'm thinking that maybe I should remove all of the current KDS installation and start from scratch. Is there a useful guide or tutorial somewhere that I could follow? I have worked, in the past, with the Atmel Studio package. It allows you to add functionallity to your project, you can, for example, start out with a bare-bones project, and then add all the necessary stuff for using the ADC, say. All the required headers and source files are than added to the project, and the make is updated accordingly(and the documentation is also added). Is there anything similar in KDS, or does one have to figure out everything that might be required before starting?


Any help or advice appreciated.