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bad character sequence encountered

Question asked by Eddie Raney on Mar 14, 2016
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bad character sequence encountered


I am using CodeWarrior for MCU Version 10:.2 Build 120126 with XBee-PRO 900HP DigiMesh
(SB3).  When I try to debug the Button Polling Example, I receive a message that bad character
sequence encountered when stepping through the code for Sources \ CPU \ System.c.

It does not like the @ sign.



volatile app_rst_casuses_t app_rst                                 @0x200;

/* Reserved                                                                      @0x202

volatile  bl_rst_casues_t bl_rst                                        @0x204;

/* App use 6 bytes                                                          @0x202

volatile uint8_t haddr_16[2]                                               @0x20C;

uint8_t haddr_64[8]                                                           @0x20E;



There are no compile errors encountered.

The same error occurs on multiple projects.

The preprocess of System.c resolves the waning messages and creates Systemxxxxxxx.c


Any suggestions?