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SGTL5000 No Data Headphone line Issue

Question asked by Pinkesh Pachchigar on Mar 13, 2016

Hello Everyone ,

I am novice to SGTL5000  family.

I have configured SGTL5000 as per Application Note AN3663 .

and I am sending data to I2S_DIN pin of SGTL5000 but not getting audio on headphone line .

HP and other section has been enabled as per mentioned in application note .

For debug  , I have selected I2S_DIN as source of I2S_DOUT pin .

I2S_SELECT bit-field of CHIP_SSS_CTRL register of SGTL5000 equal to 0x1 has been selected .

Is there anything I am missing here ? 

- Pinkesh