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Question asked by MyungJin Hwang on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Dear NXP team.


I've seen JRSDIDR TZ=1, MIDTZ, Job RingTZ  as bellow in the reference menual. (IMX6DQ6SDLSRM.pdf)


     B.2.6 Job Ring Registers

     This section describes registers found in each of the job rings. A functional description of

     the job rings can be found in the “Cryptographic Acceleration and Assurance Module (CAAM)” chapter.

     If the job ring is allocated to TrustZone SecureWorld (JRSDIDR TZ=1), then the job ring

     registers associated with this ring may only be written via a bus transaction that has ns=0.

     Transactions with ns=1 for job rings owned by TrustZone SecureWorld will be ignored.


     B.2.5.4 Secure Memory Partition Owner Register (SMPO)

     When a Job Ring owner reads this partition from the address alias associated with the Job

     Ring, the value returned will indicate whether that Job RingTZ/owns the partition, another


but there is no register that i can read/write TZ bit and i could find the TZ bit, JRICID register In the LS1021ASECRM.pdf file.


Please give a guide this for IMX6.