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Build target for MK22FX512Axxx12 missing?

Question asked by Aaron Moore on Mar 13, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by Alice_Yang



I've been working with the MK22F on the FRDM board and have started working on a project that needs additional IO. The MK22FX512A series is a nice fit, but looking in Processor Expert and KDS, I don't see support for the 512 "A" variant. Specifically, I am looking for: MK22FX512AVLL12


I *do* see support for the non "A" variant MK22FX512VLL12 but this version does not seem to be as available from distributors as the A variant, and it costs more.


I can't find any info on compatibility of this chip and whether this is just a chip version/variant/silicon rev or if its not supported. Oddly enough, the datasheet depicts the VLL12 as a BGA chip, but I think this is just an error in the datasheet.


Can somehow please help me understand if this chip is supported and if so what I would need to change KDS in order to use this?


Thank you!