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Question asked by Jason Hendrix on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2016 by Fiona Kuang

CodeWarrior says to email, but that gets bounced...


Hi,  I’m saw somewhere that I might be able to get an extension to my 15 day evaluation license for CW for ARM7 V 10.0.8.  I activated my license a bit too soon, and now that I’m using it, I’ve struggled a little getting connected over JTAG (since solved).  Please let me know if it’s possible to get an extension and what I need to do.  License details follow:



Detail information for product "CodeWarrior Development Studio for QorIQ LS series - ARM V7 ISA" version "10.0"

status: "License expiring in 0 day(s)."

License model: "class com.freescale.core.ide.license.flexlm.FlexlmActivate11"

Contact Email:

Register URL:

Purchase URL:

FlexLM Eval Period: 5 day(s)

GTL Server:

GTL Port: 80 (8,080)

Wants Host ID: true

License file path: C:\Freescale\CW4NET_v2016.01\Common\license.dat

flexlmFileLocator: null

flexlmFile: ${ARMv7_TOOLS_HOME}/../../Common/license.dat

License file URL: file:/C:/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv7/eclipse/../ARMv7/../../Common/license.dat

Error String:

Optional feature group #1:

Optional feature undefined: FSLTAP 1.0

Optional feature undefined: REMOTEDEBUG 1.0

Optional feature undefined: PE_SCENARIOS 2.8

Group status: Included

Optional feature group #2:

Optional feature undefined: PE_SCENARIOS_ADVANCED 2.8

Optional feature undefined: DDR_Validation_QorIQ 4.0

Optional feature undefined: SERDES_Validation_QorIQ 4.0

Optional feature undefined: GPTRACE 10.0

Optional feature undefined: STMDEBUGPRINT 1.0

Group status: Included

Optional feature group #3:

Optional feature undefined: PE_PACKETTOOL 2.8

Optional feature undefined: SYSTRACE 1.0

Group status: Included

Mandatory feature keys:

ARMv7DBG 10.0, status : 0 day(s)

CMSISDAP 1.0, status : 0 day(s)

Alternate Keys:

(no keys)