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Can't receive 0x1C when using AS

Question asked by Juan Ignacio Troisi on Mar 11, 2016
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I am developing using an asinchronical serial component created with PE. I am trying to handle an EPSON printer using a protocol called Extended Protocol.


Using a RS232 interface (termite), I have checked that when I asking the printer (using a Printer Terminal) for date and time, the printer answers the followong frame:



However, when I try to receive this data using my KE02 MCU, (using the routine AS1_OnRxChar), every byte are saved in the buffer except the 0x1C.


Is there a reason why the AS1_OnRxChar doesn't detect this byte?


The routine I am implementing is the following:


Thank you very much



void AS1_OnRxChar(void){


    AS1_TComData ch;


  if(AS1_RecvChar(&ch) == ERR_OK){


  BUFFER_AS[cont_AS] = ch;