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codewarrior 7 and mcf52223

Discussion created by Michele Da Rold on Feb 21, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2008 by Tom Thompson
    Hi all
    I have installed codewarrior 7 and I'm using M52223EVB.

    With CFFlasher 3.1 and Codwarrior-Tools-Flash Programmer I have no problem programming the micro.

    When I launch debug from IDE the IDE not program the micro and I can't debug the new code modified.

    When In settings I enable the the "verify memort write" the download of code crash because the ide seem to be unable to write the flash of micro.

    To resolve the problem I must disable the download on debug, compile the new source code, download it with cfflasher or flash programmer of ide, press debug on ide and all function.

I want to do only one operation and not using a external flash programmer to program the micro and then debug it. There is a way to solve the problem?

My setting in CF Debugger Settings are: Target processor MCF2223, Target initialization file M52223EVB.cfg from CodeWarrior for ColdFire V7.0\ColdFire_Support\Initialization_Files, and memory configuration file M52223EVB.mem from CodeWarrior for ColdFire V7.0\ColdFire_Support\Initialization_Files

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