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MfgTool is crashing while uploading image files.

Question asked by Bhavesh Patel on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by aravinthkumar jayaprakasam


I am using Mfgtools-Rel- on Windows 8 64-bit PC.

I have got and rootfs.tar.bz2 files and want to upload the same on imx287 board. (Kernel and imx-bootlets-src- and u-boot )


On board I have removed JMP8 and JMP10 so that USB booting is allowed and using External Power supply.

When I open MfgTools application it is not showing Board Connected.

I go to Options -> Configuratoins -> USB Ports and it crashes.


I am newbie on this so any guidance will be helpful.