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How to add cap touch screen driver into yocto image

Question asked by wz ca on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi,  Dear Expert


I wish to add cap touch screen driver into yocto image, so that my touch lcd panel can work. I am new to achieve this feature, so pls some expert tell me entire steps to achieve it. the following is my guess, maybe it is not correct or not entire, so pls correct me, thanks.

my touch panel is capicator type, I2C interface (pls see picture below), 30ea(X)x42ea(Y), LCD PANEL pixels is 1366x768 and 10.1 inch size.

my software is core-image-x11

I guess I need to modfy : (pls correct me if i miss sth or am mistaken)

1: modify dts

   a>add touchpanel definition, like

         touchscreen@xx {

          compilant <folder,driver>

          reset pin =

          int pin =

          interrupt =


  b>interrupt@xx {

      touch int =


  c>I2C@XX {



2: add touch.c in some folder

3: modify xorg file add the following:


touch sth