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TWR-K40D100M with PK MPU instead of MK MPU

Question asked by Ilias Karakiritsis on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Santiago Gonzalez Fabian

Dear all,

I am new to freescale products. I am currently working in TWR-K40D100M DEVELOPMENT BOARD. According to the site, the tower should feature the Kinetis low-power MK40DX256VMD10 MCU. However the board I 've received features the PK40DX256VMD10.

I am trying to run a HelloWorld example that I have downloaded from the site for the twr-k4d100m. Just to mention that the examples are also refered to twrk60d100.

The project is built without any errors or modifications except that i change the processor to: Freescale MK40DX256xxx10.

I am using IAR and what i can see that program stacks at a while loop in systeminit():

/* Check the value returned from pll_init() to make sure there wasn't an error */

       if (mcg_clk_hz < 0x100)



I know that PK series is a very old silicon version (Prototype only and not fully qualified). Could it be a reason for not running this example or is something else that i am missing?