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iMX6UL and PF3001 interfacing

Question asked by Ritesh Patel on Mar 11, 2016
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I am using iMX6UL in one of my design. I found that PMIC 3001 is designed for use with the i.MX UL application


By looking at Power-up sequence on iMX6UL datasheet page# 27, VDD_HIGH_IN should be turned on before VDD_SOC_IN.

As per PF3001 datasheet Page # 3, PF3001 is available with programming option - "7" (for iMX6UL with DDR3L).

PMIC recommend SW1 for ARM & SOC power. I have used SW2 to power VDD_HIGH_IN and NVCC_xxx. (Ref design uses same source to power VDD_HIGH_IN and NVCC_xxx). I have used other regulators to other on board regulators.

By looking at pre-programmed OTP config on datasheet Page # 29, Power up sequence for SW1 and SW2 is "3" and iMX6UL require VDD_HIGH_IN to turn on before VDD_SOC_IN.

So, How PMIC PF3001 is suitable for iMX6UL?


Also can we change the OTP configuration after power-up..?

I also found that in PMIC PF3001 page # 29, power-up sequence "1" is missing in OTP configuration for A6 & A7. Please confirm OTP sequence.



Ritesh Patel.