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I.MX6 Quad 1.2 GHz CPU Configuration

Question asked by Suhas DK on Mar 10, 2016
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I.MX6 Quad 1.2 GHz CPU,  MCIMX6Q5EYM12AD will be used  in one of our new design. we couldn't find any datasheet specific to 1.2 GHz CPU. As per the available data sheet for input clock frequency of 24 MHz SOC operating frequency is 996 MHz.(… ).


For SOC to operate in 1.2GHz frequency

1. Do we need to change any clock input from external crystal.

2. Is there any internal PLL configurations settings to be done for 1.2 GHz  frequency keeping 24MHZ clock input.

3. Will there by any implication with respect to DDR clock and data rates

4.Whether the PMIC, MMPF0100F0EP can be used for 1.2GHz CPU also

5. IF yes is there any changes with respect to PMIC (MMPF0100F0EP) output voltage configurations. and CPU core voltage      operating points.


Please clarify the above points


Thanks & Regards,

Suhas D K.