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Problem with KDS and Processor expert

Discussion created by Michel Meunier on Mar 11, 2016
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I have an old project wich works fine for me (it uses FRDMKL25, the include MMA8451 and an external I2C component). I would like to start a similar new project, unfortunatly something is going wrong.

In my old project, they were only few components, but now with the new one after creating project, I have a lot of components. Some pictures to explain.


It's my old project with only the things I have added (MMA1,AS1,GI2C2...etc).


Just after creating the new project, I have strange components (osa1,clockman1,pin_mux..etc).

Also when I want to create an I2C connections, I can't select the pins:


My goal is to have a simple project as the old one!! I am not interested by pin_mux,intMan1 ...etc, it was working without that before.

Thanks for your help