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Accessing LS1021A-TWR QSPI

Question asked by Jason Hendrix on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Jason Hendrix

I'm trying to write a bare-metal program that accesses the QSPI on my LS1021A-TWR X3 board.  Neither my program, nor the CodeWarrior flash programmer task can access it.  The Flash Programmer actually reports success of the diagnoses, but the ID it reports tells another story:

Flash Information  


Flash Manufacturer ID     :0x000000FF

Flash Device ID (byte1)   :0x000000FF

Flash Device ID (byte2)   :0x000000FF

Flash Device ID (byte3)   :0x0000FFFF

Secure Device Verification:0x00000000


Diagnose Succeeded  


I'm debugging with Code Warrior TAP over USB.


Do I need a special configuration of Switches or config files in order to access the flash?  My project is using the init file provided by CodeWarrior LS1021A-TWR_Init.tcl.  Thanks.