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J-Link GDB Server failed dialog

Question asked by László Monda on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by ZhangJennie

Hi guys,


From time to time, the following error dialog appears when trying to download the firmware to an FRDM board:




This is a major productivity problem for me, because the only way to reliably recover from this error is to detach the board, exit and re-launch KDS, attach the board, and re-download the firmware. Sometimes I'm able to download the firmware about a dozen times in a row without bumping into this error, other times it occurs almost every time.


The content of the JLinkGDBServerCL console:


SEGGER J-Link GDB Server V4.98b Command Line Version


JLinkARM.dll V4.98b (DLL compiled Apr 10 2015 20:27:35)


-----GDB Server start settings-----

GDBInit file:                  none

GDB Server Listening port:     2331

SWO raw output listening port: 2332

Terminal I/O port:             2333

Accept remote connection:      localhost only

Generate logfile:              off

Verify download:               on

Init regs on start:            on

Silent mode:                   off

Single run mode:               on

Target connection timeout:     0 ms

------J-Link related settings------

J-Link Host interface:         USB

J-Link script:                 none

J-Link settings file:          none

------Target related settings------

Target device:                 MK22FN512xxx12

Target interface:              SWD

Target interface speed:        30kHz

Target endian:                 little


Connecting to J-Link...

J-Link is connected.

Firmware: J-Link OpenSDA 2 compiled Oct 13 2015 12:10:56

Hardware: V1.00

S/N: 621000000

Checking target voltage...

Target voltage: 3.30 V

ERROR: Failed to bind address (Err = 98)

ERROR: Failed to open listener port 2331

Restoring target state and closing J-Link connection...

Shutting down...


Thank you very much in advance!

- Laci