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SGTL5000 with external crystal, codec clock ok, sound is too fast

Question asked by Benoit Moffet on Mar 10, 2016
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I have a custom board with imx6dl cpu. We interfaced a SGTL5000 codec with fixed crystal sys_clk at 12.288MHz.


I used the standard imx-sgtl5000.c machine driver and created a fixed clock in the device tree to give to the codec.


clocks {

          audioclk: ext12Mz {

                  compatible = "fixed-clock";

                  clock-frequency = <12288000>;

          #clock-cells = <0>;



        sound {

                compatible = "fsl,imx-audio-sgtl5000";

                model = "imx6dl-custom-sgtl5000";

                cpu-dai = <&ssi1>;

                audio-codec = <&codec>;

                audio-routing =

"MIC_IN", "Mic Jack",
      "Mic Jack", "Mic Bias",
      "Headphone Jack", "HP_OUT",
      "Ext Spk", "LINE_OUT";

                mux-int-port = <1>;

                mux-ext-port = <4>;



codec: sgtl5000 {
compatible = "fsl,sgtl5000";
clocks = <&audioclk>;
reg = <0x0a>;
VDDA-supply = <&reg_3p3v>;

                VDDIO-supply = <&reg_3p3v>;



&ssi1 {

  fsl,mode = "i2s-slave";

  status = "okay";



The sound is working but twice too fast and with some strange numeric noise.


I feel the system is playing stereo sound in a mono way so I hear left and right channel on a single channel...


Any thoughts?


Best regards,