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Getting permission denied error while build bootloader

Question asked by Bhavesh Patel on Mar 10, 2016


I am using iMX287 board with Linux- Kernel. I am trying to build Bootloader imx-bootlets-src-

In Make file it is failing while executing elftosb -z -c ./ -o i$(ARCH) where ARCH is defined as imx28


Following is snapshot of build. (command is make BOARD=iMX28_EVK)

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/bhavesh/LinuxEmb/Bootloader/imx-bootlets-src-'

generating linux kernel boot stream image

by using the rootfs/boot/zImage

sed -i 's,[^ *]zImage.*;,\tzImage="zImage";,'

sed -i 's,[^ *]zImage.*;,\tzImage="zImage";,'

elftosb -z -c ./ -o

make: execvp: elftosb: Permission denied

make: *** [gen_bootstream] Error 127


I tried with chmod 77 -R * and sudo chown -R bhavesh:bhavesh ./ to whole directory 'LinuxEmb' where everything is located. But still getting same issue.

if I run sudo make for Bootloader than it is giving error for Assembly compiling as below:


core/entry.S: Assembler messages:

core/entry.S:26: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.code'

core/entry.S:31: Error: no such instruction: `stmdb sp!,{r4-r12,lr}'

core/entry.S:34: Error: no such instruction: `ldr r4,entry_count'

core/entry.S:35: Error: expecting operand after ','; got nothing

core/entry.S:36: Error: no such instruction: `bne start_kernel'

core/entry.S:42: Error: no such instruction: `bl try_to_resume'

core/entry.S:49: Error: too many memory references for `add'

core/entry.S:50: Error: too many memory references for `str'

core/entry.S:53: Error: no such instruction: `ldmia sp!,{r4-r12,lr}'



Can anybody help me to solve this? Make file for Bootloader is attached for reference

If required I can also go for higher version of Kernel.




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