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How to map a ftm interrupt vector function by driver code

Question asked by Jason Zhang on Mar 9, 2016
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By PE the ftm interrupt event  code can write in the function of below. 

How can I make such a funtion in the driver code(without PE) that attached.






** ===================================================================

**     Event       :  Timer_OnInterrupt (module Events)


**     Component   :  Timer [FreeCntr]



**     @brief

**         This event is called when a compare matches the counter

**         value (if compare or reload is selected as a interrupt

**         source) or a counter overflows (for free-running devices).

**         It is valid only when the component is enabled - <"Enable">

**         and the events are enabled - <"EnableEvent">. The event is

**         available only if <Interrupt service/event> is enabled.


/* ===================================================================*/

void Timer_OnInterrupt(void)


  /* Write your code here ... */






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