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JTAG on TWR-K65F180M requires placing resistors?

Question asked by Paul Brown on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2016 by Richard Rapier

From this earlier discussion question, it seems the TWR-K65F180M can be used with the Segger J-Link via connector J18 simply by removing jumper J32:

JTAG in TWR-K65F180M not functional on rev A0


But when I look at the schematic and the board, resistors R69 and R68 are not populated - these are the JTAG TDO and TDI lines respectively. I'm waiting for a cable but anticipating that I will probably need to place 0 ohm resistors at these locations to get it to work.

Can someone confirm this? Also, do R53 through R58 need to be populated as well?

Thank you.