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Question asked by Francois on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by Pascal Irrle



I've a little issue with CodeWarrior on HCS08SG32:

When compiling the following lines, in the first case, the compiler make a reference to a strange location (0x0232).

I think that if the line 0x8be8 (LDA 0x232 which has nothing to do here  was replaced by CLRA, it would be OK.

Any comment would be appreciated.




Case not OK

n = (long)(RamRO.Tle[1].TleValueAvg) * (Data.Tle[0].Range);


8bdd:   CD9BD5 JSR 0x9BD5 _SEXT16_32 (0x9bd5)

8be0:   C68017 LDA 0x8017

8be3:   CE8016 LDX 0x8016

8be6:   87 PSHA

8be7:   89 PSHX

8be8:   C60232 LDA 0x0232

8beb:   87 PSHA

8bec:   87 PSHA

8bed:   95 TSX

8bee:   89 PSHX

8bef:   8B PSHH

8bf0:   AF04 AIX #4

8bf2:   CD9B7F JSR 0x9B7F _LMUL (0x9b7f)



Case OK

n = (long)(RamRO.Tle[1].TleValueAvg) * Data.DummyUint;


8bdd:   CD9BD0 JSR 0x9BD0 _SEXT16_32 (0x9bd0)

8be0:   328020 LDHX 0x8020

8be3:   4F CLRA

8be4:   89 PSHX

8be5:   8B PSHH

8be6:   87 PSHA

8be7:   87 PSHA

8be8:   95 TSX

8be9:   89 PSHX

8bea:   8B PSHH

8beb:   AF04 AIX #4

8bed:   CD9B7A JSR 0x9B7A _LMUL (0x9b7a)


typedef struct


/* DataFlash area */

/* Parameters for Tle */

StructDataTle Tle[2];

uint DummyUint;