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GStreamer-imx : can I get a phys_addr on an buffer pulled from appsink?

Question asked by Colin Defais on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Tanguy Mezzano



I want to decode a video feed with gstreamer and draw the image on an opengl texture with 0 copy.


So, in my application, I am using the appsink gstreamer plugin to pull a gstreamer buffer. I would like to know if I can retrieve the physical memory address of this buffer.


When I use this instruction:

GstImxPhysMemMeta* physMemMeta = GST_IMX_PHYS_MEM_META_GET(buffer);

Then physMemMeta is always NULL


Is there a way to tell to appsink to use GST_IMX_PHYS_MEM_META_ADD when it creates the buffer ?


Thanks in advance,