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When iMX6Q-SDB GPC Interrupt Controller start to work?

Question asked by Miles Wang on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Yuri Muhin



As we know iMX6Q-SDB GPC Interrupt Controller (INTC) is used to generate the wakeup signal. Before system enter deep sleep mode (DSM), can it generate intereupt (a bit of GPC_ISRx is set)? I met a problem about wakeup.

In normal case, input command "sysStateSet"+Enter key in UART, system enters DSM. After system enter DSM, any key input in UART wakeups system. It works well.

But when  input command "sysStateSet"+Enter key in UART, at this time don't release Enter key, still press Enter key. Before or after system enter DSM, release Enter key, then input any key in UART. Sometime system can't wakeup.

I don't understand why UART interrupt can't generate at that time. Receive buffer is full? Receive is disabled? UART clock is disabled? I don't know.

So I want to check GPC_ISRx just before enters DSM. If there is UART interrupt, don't enter DSM. Does it works? How to clear GPC_ISRx status of IRQ58 (UART1)?

During DSM, ARM GIC is disabled.