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How to install Kernel table of isr.c Example?

Question asked by Norberto Jiménez on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Daniel Chen

I am working in the example project of ISR. I am using TWRK60N512. I compiled isr library and the project; but, when I tried to debug or run isr.c, Terminal received the next:

====================== ISR Example =======================

Press the SW1 to blink LED1, press it again to turn it off

Install interrupt handler to hardware vector table failed.


So, I can consider that there is a problem in the code in this part:

    /* Install the interrupt directly to the vector table in the processor. */

    if(! _int_install_kernel_isr(lwgpio_int_get_vector(btn_ptr), btn_kernel_isr))


        printf("Install interrupt handler to hardware vector table failed.\n");




But I don't know where this example is wrong.

Anybody can help me?


I am confused because I have never change anything of example code. I am ataching the example of MQX 4.2

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