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Debugger/Monitor integration

Question asked by Michael Meier on Mar 9, 2016
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(Disclaimer: I have already asked this in the CodeWarrior section, but have been asked to carry my question over to this space. Link below.)


I am developing software for Coldfire Processors with CodeWarrior 10.3 and 10.5. During development, I cannot rely on e.g. USB TAP for debugging, as I often have no physical access to the system with the ColdFire processor. However, I would still like to be able to use the CodeWarrior debugger functionality.


On the Coldfire, we are running a ROM Monitor and we can speak with the ROM Monitor over a network interface. Now I am looking for a way to integrate the ROM Monitor into CodeWarrior as a new connection type. I know that this was possible with older (Metrowerks) CodeWarrior versions.


The original question was:

What interface would I use to accomplish this?


To elaborate this a bit, we are currently thiking about a number of ways to achieve debugging access without BDM:


1. [CW [CW Debugger]] <- CCS protocol over TCP -> [our own implementation of a CCS server] <- monitor protocol -> [[Monitor] Coldfire]

We have not been able to obtain information on the CCS protocol, so this route seems improbable.


2. [CW [CW Debugger]] <- GDI -> [our own GDI plugin] <- monitor protocol -> [[Monitor] Coldfire]

We have not been able to obtain information on the GDI (Generic Debug Instrument, of Metrowerks fame) interface, so this route seems improbable.


3. [CW [CW Debugger]] <- App TRK protocol -> [our own implementation of an App TRK server] <- monitor protocol -> [[Monitor] Coldfire]

The MetroTRK (of Metrowerks fame) protocol is no longer supported. App TRK is still supported by Codewarrior, but nominally only for applications running on Linux. This route is improbable, but maybe less so.


4. [m68k-gdb] <- GDB Remote Serial Protocol over TCP -> [our own GDB server] <- monitor protocol -> [[Monitor] Coldfire]

This route is definitely possible. However: a.) We're stepping outside Codewarrior: Less integrated, more development environments and b.) Without actually having it implemented, we're not sure how well GDB deals with the proprietary Codewarrior Compiler's ELF files.



Do you have more information on any of the routes, experiences with these approaches or other, workable ideas?



Original thread:

ROM Monitor for Debugger Access