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Cannot generate Cpu_SetFlexNVMPartition() for K20 in PE

Question asked by Sean Bolton on Mar 8, 2016



I want to configure the FlexNVM for use as EEPROM data.  However when I generate the PE code it doesn't generate the methods  CPU_GetFlexNVMPartitionCode()  or CPU_SetFlexNVMPartition().


So I cannot configure the FlexNVM on startup.


I am using KDS 3.0.0, KSDK 1.3.0  on Windows 10 generating code for MK20DX256VLK10


I am now stuck and not sure if it is a problem with my PE settings or a bug within the PE itself.


I have looked up similar examples in the NXP site such as 607244  In this example the Methods list for the cpu component includes the option to generate the above methods.  On my KDS/PE I don't get this option.  See screenshots below.


Below is my EEPROM configuration.




Below when hovering over the FlexNVM option it indicates to call SetFlexNVMPartition() to configure the EEPROM but this function is not generated for my build.




And I don't get a SetFlexNVMPartition() method in the CPU list of methods.



Below, just to confirm CPU type.



Also attached is a demo K20 project where I try to configure the EEPROM in the CPU component settings.


Any help on this would be much appreciated.


Thank you



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