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Angular Velocity in the Global Frame

Question asked by Jeremiah Gillis on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Jeremiah Gillis

What is the best approach to calculate the average angular velocity in the global frame when the sensors are mounted off the X, Y, and Z axis? I believe I see a few possibilities, such as averaging yaw (fPsiPl) over time or using the average angular velocity (fOmega) along with the roll (fPhiPl) and pitch (fThePl) using trigonometry. I'm looking for good sensitivity. The average angular velocity works well set to ±250dps and referenced to an axis. Now I want to prove out off axis velocities. I'm using the 9DOF Kalman filter with SensorFusion 5.


Secondly, does the average angular velocity gyro offset errors? I'm seeing some small amount of bias in each axis. Should I be subtracting the average of each bias out? I'm trying to sense velocities of < 6 deg/s.