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Power up problems VDDIO

Question asked by Martin Steurer on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Martin Steurer


there are problems during power up with the internal generated voltage VDDIO.

The circuit on my target is similar to the Eval-Board and there is the possibility to power the device by 5V via VDD5V or with 3.3V generated by a flyback via Battery/DCDC_Batt.

The target is connected to a Lauterbach. If the target is powered by 5V I had access to the controller independent if the IMX287 is held in reset or not.

If the target is powered with the 3.3V I have only access to the target in reset condition. By release the reset, the VDDIO voltage drop to 2.5V and there is no communication possible with the Lauterbach.

Different settings of the Registers HW_POWER_5VCTRL, HW_POWER_VDDIOCTRL and HW_POWER_DCDC4P2 are till now not successful.

Is there a special setting necessary or what could be the problem?