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Probing a device connected on sdio lines?

Question asked by Ganesh Biradar on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by VIJAY R

Hi Guys,


               I'm trying to write a simple application for imx6 board whose job is to read the information of device/module connected via sdio lines, the device can be 1 bit, 4 bit or spi also and the device/module  can be anything sd card, wireless etc...


I don't know where to start i have downloaded standard specification sdio, but application side how do i start because as per my knowledge sdio doesn't have any node in /dev/....


So if anyone has to probe the device basic idea how can we probe. this application should probe device id or vendor id in short status/category of the device connected on sdio lines. 


thanks & regards,

Ganesh Biradar