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Flexio baud problem

Question asked by zahom zahom on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by zahom zahom

I'm trying to use the sdk driver examples about flexio uart(use FRDM-K82F board). I found that everything is ok when I use baud higher than 38400. When I use the baud lower than 38400, the data is error.


Any suggestions for how to find/fix the problem?


Example Code as below:

    lpuart_state_t lpuartStatePtr;

    flexio_user_config_t userConfig =


        .useInt = true,

        .onDozeEnable = false,

        .onDebugEnable = true,

        .fastAccessEnable = false



    // Enable clock for PORTs, setup board clock source, config pin



    // Call OSA_Init to setup LP Timer for timeout






    /* Fill in FlexIO UART config data */

    flexio_uart_userconfig_t uartConfig;

    uartConfig.bitCounter = kFlexIOUart8BitsPerChar;

    uartConfig.baudRate = 9600;

    uartConfig.uartMode = flexioUART_TxRx;

    uartConfig.txConfig.pinIdx = 0;

    uartConfig.txConfig.shifterIdx = 0;

    uartConfig.txConfig.timerIdx = 0;

    uartConfig.rxConfig.pinIdx = 2;

    uartConfig.rxConfig.shifterIdx = 1;

    uartConfig.rxConfig.timerIdx = 1;


    /* init the FlexIO simulated UART module with base address and config structure*/

    FLEXIO_UART_DRV_Init(s_flexioInstance, &uartState, &uartConfig);




        FLEXIO_UART_DRV_SendData(&uartState, txBuff, DATA_LENGTH);


        FLEXIO_UART_DRV_ReceiveDataBlocking(&uartState, rxBuff, DATA_LENGTH,5000U);