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License file problem with win xp

Question asked by Evan Lim on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Pavel Chubakov



Currently, I'm using:


Software: MobileGT V9.2

OS: Window XP 32bit


  1. I had gotten the license (nodelock) from NXP
    website for my XP laptop.

Had also run setup.bat from "freescale - MobileGT V9.2 - ccs - drivers - USB -
to install the USB drivers.

However, I'm still facing license problem(see pictures at the end). 


Had also tried with changing the CCS folder and install
the USB drivers but can’t.



2.     Codewarrior USB TAP "run/pause" LED did not
light up after connecting to the target board.


* I have no license issue with Win 7 laptop. However, the codewarrior doesnt communicate with my target board at all. *


I have colleuage using CWH-UTP-PPCC-HE and has no problem
with the same target board.


Could you please give us some advice how to solve these
problems? I need to resolve this asap. I had been trying win7 and win xp for this 2 months.

Yet problem can't be solve.


Thank you.




cw.jpgcw 1.jpgcw 2.jpg