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Zigbee Addressing

Discussion created by Kurt Smith on Feb 20, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2008 by Bita Sobhani
I have some questions that I think should be relatively easy for those with experience to answer.  I'm working with the Generic Endpoint app in the Beestack Codebase.  I can successfully transmit messages from an SRB to an NCB (by a simple modification to the demo), but now I'm trying to send messages from the NCB back to the SRB.  My problem is how to get the short address of the SRB I'd like to talk to ( and I don't understand how the demo gets the NCB's address).  I assume that once i know this, I can do something like this:

addrInfo.dstAddrMode = gZbAddrMode16Bit_c;Copy2Bytes(addrInfo.dstAddr.aNwkAddr, <SRB's address>);

Ideally, each SRB will have a permanent short address.  If this is possible, where do I set this?