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Unexpected value of PORPLLSR of MPC8548

Question asked by yan jin on Mar 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by alexander.yakovlev

board: MPC8548CDS

bootloader: u-boot-2015.7

problem description:

    when the uboot starts, the inital value of register porpllsr is not the expected value as the cfg_sys_pll[0:3] setting. The HW configure for cfg_sys_pll[0:3] is 0b'1010,  the plat_ratio should be 10, but the read value of plat_ratio=16, or others(the two high level usually can not be read correctly ). I'm sure the hardware is all right, and I have not changed the function of get_sysinfo() which is used for reading the PORPLLSR reg as system clock freq. so why?