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Source Files for RDAIRBAGPSI5 and RDAIRBAGPSI5-001 Airbag Evaluation Platform

Question asked by Radu Drosescu on Mar 6, 2016

I bought two Airbag Evaluation Platform (RDAIRBAGPSI5 and RDAIRBAGPSI5-001). On the site is mentioned that kit contains Airbag System Evaluation Software (source code). RDAIRBAGPSI5 Airbag Reference Platform User Guide The only files available for the users that I found on this site are RDAIRBAGPSI5.elf, Project.abs and MiddleARD_FreeMASTER.pmp (the last for FreeMaster). I have not found codewarrior project file of ARP Graphical User Interface (GUI), source code file, MC33789.h, MMA68xx.h, MC3379.h header files, nor SPI and PSI5 communication driver source and header files.

Can someone from Freescale technical supportcenter tell me what they understand by Source Code for Airbag System Evaluation Software, how can I develop my own applications on the acquired hardware
platform using codewarrior without the abovementioned files, how to use MCAL layer?
Can I have access to the source files so I can use this platform different from
a demo software?

Thank you for your patience to read this.