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CodeWarrior for MCU + Coldfire + EWL library (Project Properties)

Question asked by ssinfod on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by ssinfod

I'm using a project in CodeWarrior for MCU 10.5.

This project is using the ColdFire M52233 and also uTasker RTOS.

This project doesn't have the EWL library and I want to add it in my project so I have the C standard library with stdio.h (printf, scanf) and also stdint.h, stdbool.h and math.h (ex: cos/sin).


As a model, I created a M52233DEMO demo project in CodeWarrior 10.2 with the Bareboard project Wizard and the "Coldfire Vx Evaluation Boards". Now, I can see all the Projects settings to use the EWL library. I tested my Bareboard project and printf and math (sin/cos) is working fine.


Now, I'm editing the Project Settings of my other project with uTasker and it does not seems to be able to add the "Includes" folder to see all C standard library headers.


Here are my question:

Q1) Do you have to drag/drop all my "Includes" folder from the Windows Explorer to the CodeWarrior (Eclipse) Projects Panel ? I'm asking this question because I see a "Includes" folder in my M52233DEMO demo which is not present in the other project (even after changing the Project Properties). How do we create a "Includes" folder in the project ?



Q2) What path/folders do I have to add in my project if I want the EWL (C standard libary) ?

Where do I have to add these path/folders ?

For now, I added these folders in the "Project Properties", "C/C++ Build, Settings", "ColdFire Compiler", "Input" and also in "Project Properties", "C/C++ General", "Paths and Symbols". "C Source File".


Thanks for your support,