Stop1 mode, 9S08QG Codewarrior V6.1 P&E Multilink BDM

Discussion created by DSbob on Feb 20, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2008 by bigmac
Anybody notice the debugger just ignores the STOP instruction?.  Just to make sure I modified my programming & calibration fixture for current measurement, to confirm the 0.5uA supply current at "lights out" time of my application operating without the debugger.
I missed that in my production code "perfected"  using a Cyclone supplying power (it died under Freescale warranty, so a quick switch to Multilink and my fixture until production programming is needed), with STOP in the main loop:
 . / lights out
 asm stop}
Then in some code for an experiment, I found code after a STOP instruction not in such loop executing, trace through it, ~4.6mA supply in the "lights out" loop, etc.  I can trace thru the instructions in the loop executing in order, with STOP instruction doing nothing.
No where can I find this behavior documented.