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IMX6 Dual Screen

Question asked by Sebastien Baudouin on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Sebastien Baudouin

Hi all,

i'm trying to enable on a IMX6Q Sabre Lite two screens with two different contents. My software is bare metal and run just after U-Boot.


Running U-Boot phase, i'm have the two screens (LVDS and HDMI) in mirror configuration (both are have same content).

Then in my software i configured the system to have

   - LVDS screen on IPU1 DI0 using IDMAC channel 23 (DMFC channel 5B DC Channel 5) on display 0

   - HDMI screen on IPU1 DI1 using IDMAC channel 24 (DMFC channel 6B DC Channel 6) on display 1



the LVDS is OK but the HDMI is not. I have "no signal" on my screen. Would it be possible to get all the registers to have the HDMI working (clks, Mux ...) ?


Any help would be very welcomed as i followed as much as possible all the doc and was not able to find the issue.


Thanks in advance for your help.