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Qt5 demos not working after kernel version changes

Question asked by narasimhulu oruganti on Mar 4, 2016
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Currently I am working on imx6-yocto qt5 porting on phytec's phyflex imx6 target. Here I have changed 3.19 kernel to 3.14 kernel for some customization purpose, but qt5 demos are not working when i load 3.14 kernel. I am not using inside yocto project kernel except rootfs.Please can give any information in this case.



root@phyboard-subra-imx6-1:~# qt5demo-starter

QEglFSImx6Hooks will set environment variable FB_MULTI_BUFFER=2 to enable double buffering and vsync.

If this is not desired, you can override this via: export QT_EGLFS_IMX6_NO_FB_MULTI_BUFFER=1

[     1] HAL user version 5.0.11 build 19959 Aug  6 2014 03:02:58

[     2] HAL kernel version 5.0.11 build 25762

Segmentation fault




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