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What is the maximum clamping Voltage of NX3008PBK Gate-Source Diode?

Question asked by Christian Britwum on Mar 3, 2016




we are considering to use the NX3008PBK for the purpose of a high-side reverse polarity protection.

To figure out if we need an additional external TVS or if the internal protection diode is sufficient
we need to know about the characteristics of the Gate-Drain protection Diodes.
The circiut shows our application (we also have to consider certain cases of short-circuits against higher voltages).

Is the Source-Gate Diode capable to clamp the voltage to the maximum Vgs allowed: 8V (in DC-Mode)?
What would be the maximum of the current tolerated by the diode in this state?
What are the maximum clamping voltages of the internal diodes (both directions)?


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