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Is CodeWarrior for MCU (10.6) using GCC compiler by default ?

Question asked by ssinfod on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Fiona Kuang



I'm building a project for the Coldfire 52233 MCU.


Q1)  I would like to know if CodeWarrior for MCU (10.6) is using GCC as the (default) compiler ?

I see this value in the project settings: "${CF_ToolsDir}/mwccmcf" ?

What is this compiler ?


Q2) Is there a way to use GCC as the compiler for the Coldfire ? Can I use GCC  in CodeWarrior 10.6 ?

Where should I get GCC for coldfire (Is nxp/freescale providing a GCC toolchain ?)

What do I have to change to use GCC in CodeWarrior ?

Is there a Code Size limit when If I use GCC ?  (right now, I think I have a 128K limit in the Special Edition).


Q3) Maybe GCC is not the default compiler for the Coldfire.

However, is CodeWarrior using GCC as the default compiler for other MCU ? (ex: Kinetis, etc.)


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