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Help designing antenna for UCODE I2C, an unusual project

Question asked by Ormund Williams on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Libor Hofmann

Hi Everyone,

I have a new project and I've decided to use RFID technology.  This is a performance art project described at this site:, my part in this is to put a light on band around the pigeons legs and to turn them on before the show and shut them of after, they will also be used for tracking the birds for health reasons.  I need help designing an antenna that would work well in this environment.  The attached rendering shows the plastic body of the leg band in red the lithium coin cells in gold and the flex circuit in green.  The two round tabs of the flex circuit wrap around the cells to make electrical contact and then the wings curve in to fit inside the band then the top and bottom halves are glued together, the unit will be made of clear plastic so that the LED shines through.


I've read the appnote AN11180 but I don't know enough antenna theory to apply it well, I'm going to try prototyping it this weekend but any help would be greatly appreciated.