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Issue to enter in FLASH mode in MC33905 SBC Gen2

Question asked by Ajaz Saleem Taj on Mar 3, 2016



I am using MC33905 SBC Gen2 IC and working on Bootloader. For Application update in Flash i have selected FLASH mode in SBC after INIT-Normal mode transfer with a Watchdog Refresh 0x5A00.

For entering in FLASH mode i have used Secured SPI commands as follows:

1. Sent 0x1300 and acquired  Random bits [5-0] from the response.

2. Sent 0101 0010 10 Ri5 Ri4 Ri3 Ri2 Ri1 Ri0  [Hex 0x 52 HH] (RIX = random code inverted)

3. Prior to Normal Mode entering i have set Refresh timing as 32sec.


So, when i try to Flash Application in Debug mode it is working fine. But, when i keep hardware in Normal mode system is working fine but when i try to flash download from CANape is getting aborted. Moreover, for testing FLASH mode i had stopped Watchdog refresh and it shall not reset system before 32 secs. But it is getting reset within a sec.


Kindly suggest on FLASH mode or provide a solution for Flashing Application code(As specified can i use DEBUG MODE - SPI command during Application. If yes please provide command sequences.)


Ajaz Saleem Taj