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MK02FN64VLF10 missing from parametric table?

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by SCOTT MILLER

I'm looking for the MK02FN64VLF10 (48-pin LQFP) and Digi-Key has them in stock and they're listed in the K series selector guide, but no 48-pin variant is showing up in the K02_100 family.  A search brings up the datasheet but there are no links to a product overview, and the 'click here' for more information in the selector guide isn't actually a hyperlink.


Where do I find this particular part on the website?  And more importantly, which evaluation board goes with it?  The other K02_100 sub-family parts seem to link to the FRDM-K22F, which is convenient because I already have that, but I was hoping for a board that supported something in at least the same sub-family.