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Suggestions for KSDK Improvement

Question asked by David Pfaltzgraff on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by David Pfaltzgraff

In working with version 1.x of the KSDK, I ran into problems when I wanted to duplicate or clone a project for my own application. This was worked out and was described in How to move from a FRDM-K22F demo to a new application and some other submissions.


After starting with version 2.x, I ran into some of the same problems all over again. Remember that one objective is to be able to generate my own unique code for an application without modifying anything in the KSDK distribution. Another objective is to be able to place that code in a spot appropriate for VCS and not all VCS work the same way.

The attached document is a description of the problems I've found and a means of correcting them going forward.


In preparing this document, I went through the process on three different examples and will be doing more in the near future as I need the modules for my application. I am hesitant to post them at this time as they are still a work in progress. However, for anyone interested in continuing this effort with the intent of moving it into the KSDK architecture, I'll be glad to post the archive files as requested. The projects that I have done so far for the FRDMK22F are USB Device Virtual Com, USB Host MSD, and I2C. All have been run on the FRDM board and I will soon start modifying the code to run on my own board. However, the base effort described here will be placed in VCS and used as a starting point for other projects that have similar hardware but differing functionality.


I would also be interested in comments from other developers as to how they have handled this kind of problem.