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K64 I2C Lines in Power Off Condition

Question asked by Kevin Stevens on Mar 2, 2016
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In my design I have two K64 processors that are connected to various peripherals. They are then connected together via UART for communication between the two. However, my question comes from the fact that they are also both connected to a shared I2C channel that goes to both processors as well as a couple other chips.


The second K64's power is controlled by the first K64. Therefore, there are instances where the second K64 will be powered down completely (not a low power mode, complete power removal). Is there going to be a leakage current issue from the I2C pullup resistors through the powered off K64 to GND?


The data sheet (K64F Rev5, 12/2014 --> Note 1 on page 7) states that the I/O pins are clamped to V_SS through an ESD protection diode. This makes me think that the answer is yes.


Would a current limiting resistor (as is suggested in the same note) be possible on an I2C bus? If so, is my below calculation correct R=(VDIO_MIN-VIN)/|IICDIO| = (3.3-0)/.005 = 660Ω


If not, what would be my options? Possibly a level translator inline on the I2C lines???


Derek Snell